There's a difference between everyday outfits and blog looks. My day to day outfits are put together from whatever is available to wear in my closet. My blog looks are when I allow myself the time and creative freedom to create exactly what I've imagined. Sometimes I feel like the process shouldn't be as difficult as I make it to assemble these looks, but I take this blog seriously. It can be weeks before a single look is COMPLETE. Down to the smallest detail, I want each blog look to feel authentic and not like looks we've all seen from other bloggers. Even for something as simple as a graphic tee, if I'm wearing it on the blog, shorts or jeans are not an option. This blog and you as readers deserve more. With a sassy tone I say, my rap name is SLAY-Z and I intend to live up to the name!

DRESS: Boohoo (altered)
RINGS: Forever21



There's two kinds of lost. The bad kind, when you find yourself lost. And the good kind, when you allow yourself to be lost.

I grew creatively this summer by allowing myself to get lost in the my passion. The process of creating. Letting myself be consumed by the stages of thinking and making and failing and making again.

Now that fall semester has started, I'm hoping not to find myself lost in the structure and routine of school and work, school and work. 

If I'm going to be lost, I'd rather it be my choice. I'd rather let myself get lost in my passion, and not find myself lost in paperwork.

LACE TOP: Forever 21
WHITE TOP: Forever 21


The Type of Girl

I'm the type of girl to rebel.

I'm the type of girl to not smile out of spite. 

I'm the type of girl to enjoy my own company more than the company of others.

I'm the type of girl to wear sneakers when heels are expected. 

I'm the type of girl to buy a new dress with the intention of cutting it up before I even wear it. 

I'm the type of girl to use old denim to make chokers and stick flowers in my shoe laces. 

...and I wouldn't change. I wouldn't choose to be any other type of girl. 

CHAMBRAY DRESS (altered): Forever 21 
LACE MAXI: Forever 21(similar)

All photos by Christine Cazeau, Eclectic Captures


Penguin Suit

It feels good to realize that there were some things we got right when we were younger: spending summers playing outside instead of adulting; knowing that Timmy who never shared was a jerk; wearing overalls and sneakers. There may have been (a lot) of outfits to regret, but there was good reason you wore that mini dress with sneakers, or bought that fuzzy knit skirt (even though you haven't worn it in eight months). I wore a similar flower neck piece in high school that I've neglected to rework into my wardrobe since that day. And I've had this rain mac for almost as long, and had forgotten its potential for sunny days. Both felt like they'd be iconic adds to my closet at the time, and I was right. Each adds not just detail but more personality and individuality. It may seem small, but it's satisfying to have one less disappointing outfit from the past. 

Don't have too many regrets. Eat the cupcake. Get the bantu knots. Wear the slides with socks. Trust your gut.

BODYSUIT: Boohoo (similar)
RAIN MAC: Boohoo (similar)
PANTS: Forever21
SANDALS: Call It Spring

More photos below! All photos taken by Christine Cazeau, EclecticCaptures


Cami Dress x ADIDAS

Crop tops were last summer's go-to casual wear. This summer one of my goals is to get as many cami dresses as I can into my closet. I'm obsessed with the look and the fit. Over a tee, as a top or on its own, a simple cami dress has potential, no matter your style; sexy, sporty or anything in between.

This summer is looking care free. I want to take full advantage of my summer days, being inspired and expressing my creativity. Hopefully I'll find a way to my future by immersing myself in my passions. Here's to a colorful, creative, and carefree summer!

ADIDAS TEE: Thrifted