Dapper Joggers

This the last look of my first Birthday Week. Stylistically, it was a good week. I got the cool weather I was wishing for, but I wasn't ready.

This look started with the joggers. I went to the mall to buy a floppy felt hat that I waited for a month to go on sale. When I found out that it wasn't, I refused to leave the mall empty handed. I walked into Papaya and the joggers were the first thing I saw. I was really tempted to buy the crop top that the mannequin was wearing with the pants but I told myself I could do better. So, when I got home I sat in front of my closet trying to make the outfit, but everything was dull. Then it happened. Do you ever have a bunch of clothes on your bed from trying to pick an outfit, and two pieces end up next to each other that are just perfect for each other? Basically that what happened. I saw the scarf next the joggers and the look just came together. It's another mixed print look that works, because they have the burgundy in common. 

I went through a phase with bow ties about a year ago. *Does Shmoney Dance*. I hadn't worn one in months and I thought this would be the perfect occasion. I wanted the bow tie to match the shirt for subtle detail. You kind of have to look twice to see it.
My favorite lip colors right now are burgundy and bronze but I opted for blue lipstick because I wanted a color that would contrast with the black and burgundy. And it brings out the blue in the scarf.

I've had these Blazers for four years now and they're still my go to for when I want a strong contrast for my looks.

Top: Rainbow
Joggers: Papaya Clothing
Shoes: Finish Line
Scarf: Thrifted
Bow Tie: Hot Topic


  1. Personally, I love to dress comfortable at times especially when the fall commences so, this in my eyes is everything. It's chic, bold, unexpected, yet cozy.

    1. I didn't realize you commented on every post! Belenda, you the real MVP

    2. Lol thanks, No problem. If anything I'm all about helping others reaching their goals. Just keeping it real.