The Velveteen Barbie

When I was three and four years old, I LOVED Barbies! Just like other little girls, I would dress my dolls up and do their hair. But probably unlike other girls I used to walk around chewing on their feet. No clue why, it just felt right. When I saw this jacket at Forever 21, it made me reminisce about those days, and I had to have it! It was only $17.80! It says "Barbie" on the back, and "DOLL" on the front. The Barbie name on a varsity is a perfect medium between girly and tomboy. And I love that even the font is black. It takes a second look to catch the detail. I wouldn't have this jacket any other way.

This Tuesday I wore another black ensemble. Subconsciously, black has a hold on me. And like a lot of my outfits lately, the outcome was not the original plan. I wanted to make my own body cage accessory to go over the two piece, but because I waited until the last minute, I didn't have time. It would've resembled a cage bralette, but without the actual bra. So, since I didn't have the body cage I just put on the jacket. I wish that the look could have come together how I originally wanted, but I still felt good in this outfit.

The two piece was inspired by the Queen of casual minimalism, Kim Kardashian. Minimalism is hard for me because I always need my outfits to have an extra "something", whether it's obvious, or subtle. But, I've been loving Kim K's twin sets with the maxi pencil skirts. I cannot get over the silhouette! I think it's because it always makes the hips more prominent.
I made the two piece out of a long, oversized and shapeless velvet dress that I got during my most recent thrift haul. It was exactly what I was looking for for this look. My tailoring skills were way off this time though. From the waist to my knees, the skirt fits like a glove! But, from the knees down, I couldn't extend my legs enough to take full steps. I got carried away with trying to accomplish the narrowness of the skirt. When I stood still, the shape of the skirt look great, but I was taking mini steps all around campus. I'll have to make a slit in the back of the skirt because I cannot live like that!
I didn't get a close enough picture of my shoes so next time I wear them, I'll definitely you all give all the details. They were one of my favorite DIY projects!

Barbie Varsity Jacket: Forever 21
Velvet Two Piece: Altered
Shoes: DIY

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  1. I love black, it's my favorite color so that alone was enough for me. Also lately, I've been noticing how I personally am beginning to favor two pieces. It's cute yet chic. It speaks youth and femininity.