Pushing Up Perennials

This week's weather was so pleasant. There were days when the wind blew really cool, but the sun was always out, and it wasn't humid. It finally felt like fall in Tampa.

The color scheme for this look was inspired by these plants. I haven't been able to find the name of it, but they're scattered around the USF campus. I was sitting outside on Monday trying to figure out how I was going to style this cardigan. I was adamant about wearing it by itself, as a dress. I really fought myself about wearing the lace crop top. Unfortunately, the neckline plunged too low for me to feel comfortable wearing it without a shirt. The plants mostly had an influence on my shoe choice, but it made all the difference. Otherwise, I probably would've gone with a neutral, like brown. 

I've been looking for a cardigan dress for a year and a half, since I saw Rihanna wearing on during Paris Fashion Week 2013. I couldn't find one that was just right, and the ones I did find were overpriced. I kind of settled with this one, but it was the best one I could find. It doesn't fit close to my body like I wanted, and it's medium knit. I got tired of the chase, so I just gave in. The color is perfect though! I think a lot of people are obsessing over wine and burgundy this season. It's difficult not to be drawn to such a rich color.

I found these decorative flowers in Wal-Mart while trying to find some iridescent film. They match the cardigan PERFECTLY!! I wanted to incorporate the flowers into the look in a way I hadn't done before. Decorative flowers are really versatile and easy to work with. The flowers detach from the stems so I stuck the stems through the holes in the knit from the inside, and pushed the flowers back onto the stem. I know this isn't going to put me down in the DIY Hall of Fame, but I'm proud of myself for getting the exact outcome I wanted.

My glasses are from Giant Vintage. They're called "Saucer" and I greatly underestimated the size. I've wanted round frames for a while, and seeing them on one of my favorite bloggers made me want them even more. These were only $8!! It took me a while to get used to the size but I absolutely adore their exaggeration!

I included a lot of pictures on this post because I'm IN LOVE with this look! Also, we got a lot of great shots. By we, I mean my friend and photographer Christine!!! She gets really into her role of directing and I always end up with amazing pictures. And she's quite a snazzy dresser herself.

Lace Crop Top: DIY
Wine Maxi Cardigan: Boohoo
Shoes: Forever 21 (2 years ago)
Glasses: Giant Vintage

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  1. I LOVE CARDIGANS!!! I'm actually glad you wore it as a dress, it wouldn't look right any other way. Also, I love the color.