Navy Blue Hues

 Hey, guys! I'm back with ANOTHER all navy blue look. I can't turn down a good navy blue piece. I'm completely drawn to navy, the same way I'm drawn to maroon and burgundy. So when I found this over-sized, navy, maroon and dark green blazer at my favorite thrift store, I didn't hesitate for even a second! This blazer is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. 

For the blazer I really wanted to dress it down, and let it be the main focus of the look. Sweats are easy and super casual, but I think they can be over looked sometimes when it comes to styling and dressing up. Joggers are on trend right now, but often times when I see people wearing them it's usually with the typical crop top, or hoodie and a messy bun. 

This hoodie and these joggers are from 21MEN. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE shopping in the men's section. What really attracted me to the hoodie was the cowl neck design. It's not the typical neckline for a hoodie. The hoodie and the joggers are really comfortable. I could live in them, literally. Pairing these sweats with the blazer was a no brainer to me. It gives me that balance that I like in any outfit; casual, but still dressed up. For that same reason I included the Chanel broach. 

This look includes two DIY's. I specifically bought these canvas shoes to bleach them and wear with this outfit. Canvas tennis shoes are my go-to for any DIY shoe. I have so many that I could probably sell them from out of my closet. Because of the bleach pattern, the shoes blend with the navy throughout the look, but also allow for some contrast. 
The second DIY is my Chanel pin. I found the to tutorial one of my favorite blogger's sites, Bella Estraneo. I'm always up for a great DIY, and this one was really simple and easy thanks to her tutorial. Checking out the rest of the blog is also a great idea; her style is amazing!

Plaid Blazer: Thrifted
Cowl Neck Hoodie: 21MEN
Navy Joggers: 21MEN
Shoes: Wet Seal and DIY
Chanel Pin: DIY

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