Maroon Moods

I'm not sure what it is, but I've really been into monochrome looks lately. This time I choose maroon. I love maroon so much; I'm pretty sure there's an emotional attachment. For today's look I combined two maroon patterns. Neither pattern overwhelms the other; they just work. 

I enjoy playing with casual pieces and making them more than something that just gets thrown on on a lazy day. Joggers are one of my favorite pieces to do this with. The floral top that I pair my joggers with, was part of a set that I thrifted. I tried to make culottes out of the skirt that the top came with. Sadly that didn't work out, so I'm left with just the top. That's what prompted me to wear it with the joggers.

I wore the white button down underneath because I wanted a bit of contrast to break up all of the maroon. I'm already wearing multiple patterns, so I just went with a simple shoe. I bought these hiking boot, and a pair in camel, during my Christmas shopping. I've been wanting Timberland's, But I've never been one to spend $175 on a single pair of shoes. Both pairs were only $30 at Rue21. They fit really well and they're good quality. If you have plans to DIY a pair of Timberland(-ish) boots, these are perfect, because you won't be spending a lot of money on shoes you're going to draw all over.

TOP: Thrifted

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