Not All Roses Are Red...

Another year, another Valentine's Day. Here comes the flurry of chocolates, teddy bears , heart-shaped balloons and roses. Part of being in the spirit is dressing for the occasion. But, when it comes to Valentine's Day style, everyone seems to opt for anything red. Understandably red is the color of the holiday, but just wearing a red shirt, red jeans or a red dress has become so cliche. Where's the character behind the outfit? Where's the romanticism that the day is all about? 
There should be less focus on the color, and more focus on dressing for what the day represents, because red doesn't automatically equate to love. Today's post is all about outfit alternatives to translate that loving feeling into a lovely look.

Even though it's Valentine's Day, other colors do still exist. A great alternative to wearing red is wearing pastel colors. The light, sweet shades are reminiscent of those candy hearts, and give off a Candyland atmosphere. Pastels worn head to toe is a real commitment, but the result will be well worth it. Even with one pastel piece, paired with white and metallic jewelry, the same goal can be achieved.

The opposite of pastels are dark, rich colors. Darker colors can be just as romantic as lighter colors, because they have the ability to captivate people's attention. Black and other dark shades can create an air of mystery, and revealing what's behind the mystery is very, romantic.

Aside from the color of the look, certain silhouettes, textures, and patterns can translate to romantic style. Tight fitted clothing is often associated with being sexy, and sexy is what some people strive for on Valentine's Day. A skin tight dress may be figure flattering, but so can peplum tops, and A-line skirts and dresses. 
Both peplums and A-line silhouettes flare out, creating an hourglass shape which compliment any body type.

Textures and Prints
For her untraditional Valentine's Day look, Pamzy B coupled  a white tulle skirt with a floral top. This is where texture and patterns come into play. The tulle skirt creates volume with a multiple layers of netting that seen to float over one another. Floral is always a good choice when going the romantic route. After all, flowers are given on V-Day. Another good print choice: polka dots. Though not obviously romantic, polka dots have an endearing quality about them. They're playful, eye-catching and simple. Lastly, lace embraces the qualities of both textures and prints because the woven pattern can be felt separately from the fabric it's sewn on. And, the fact that lace is such a delicate fabric contributes to its allure as well. 

Questions to Ask Yourself
As important as the appearance of the outfit is, the feeling it evokes is even more important. A couple of questions may also help with a Valentine's Day outfit decision.

1. What look would be a great look for the "perfect date?"
2. What look would feel romantic?

Wearing red is so embedded in celebrating Valentine's Day, but there's more to consider on Valentine's Day than "Red shirt...or red skirt?" But for those who can't stay away from red on Valentine's Day, just make sure to do it up right and rep the day from head to toe.

Here are a few possible outfit options to get the ideas flowing for your own Untraditional Valentine's Day look! 

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!!! XOXO


  1. I like this, this is very cute!! compared to the normal red and pink.

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