No River Wide Enough

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have just come to a close. All this weekend while bloggers were sitting front row at designer shows and being photographed for their dope style, I was sitting on my couch watching Friends, feeling incredible nostalgia for Fashion Week. It's strange that I would feel this way considering I've never been, but this was the same longing feeling I have when I reminisce about 90's Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. I call what I was feeling this weekend, nostalgia for the future. Normally I can swipe through hundreds of photos from Fashion Week, screenshotting along the way, and feel nothing but inspiration. This weekend, not only did I feel inspired but I  also felt the sadness of missing out. So, I've decided to take these feelings and use the as motivation to be one of the bloggers I admire who walk London square getting their photographs taken, that eventually appear on major fashion websites; and even further, someday sitting front row as an esteemed blogger and fashion stylist.

Personally, Fashion Week streetstyle ranks just as high as the runway shows themselves (maybe a smidge more.) As a blogger I wasn't going to let the distance stop me from showcasing my personal Fashion Week streetstyle. This look is for London Fashion Week in particular. The edge and uniqueness of London's streetstyle is my absolute favorite.

For this look, I went with dark colors to get that edgy feel. Recently I've become a fan of navy blue and black ensembles. I paired by black polka dot skirt with a black lace bralette and navy cropped pullover. This pullover is one of my go-to pieces in my closet because it adds something unexpected to any look. The scarf is a dark plaid that I absolutely adore, and the pattern brings more contrast between the black and the navy.

I finally got my hands on a pair of jelly sandals. They're quirky and toy-like so I think they'd be perfect for London.

Now I feel like the quote, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." is more true than it's ever been. I'm going to keep believing, working and dressing like the front rows of Fashion Week are where I belong.

SCARF: Thrifted


  1. Once again you've managed to take a daring approach and still rock it out!!!
    #Werk #KeepitUp #Innovation

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