Two Shades of Grey

Over the past two months I've either been filled to the brim with the Christmas spirit, or I've developed a shopping addiction. I COULD NOT stop shopping! I spent the same amount (probably more) on myself, as I spent on my family and friends for the holidays. This isn't normal of me, but looking in my closet I couldn't help but want more. A lot of what I ordered didn't fit, which I probably deserved. Over the next few posts a lot of what I'll be wearing will be new items.

This dress from Zara is one of the purchases that I shouldn't have made, but am not regretting, especially since it was on sale. The silhouette can take a little time to get used to but not every dress has to me tight, or a maxi. I think the style is perfect for sporty or casual looks but can definitely be dressed up with heels and a fedora. The dress is actually very comfortable because it's not restrictive and the fabric is soft.

As much as I adore this dress, I of course couldn't wear a pale grey dress by itself. I styled the dress with a plaid shirt, which was also an ill advised purchase. I was drawn to the red and the fact that there isn't a lot of it in the shirt. I didn't want a strong contrast between the dress and the shirt, and the white and navy of the shirt tone down the red just enough that it doesn't overwhelm the dress, but still stands out.

The obvious shoe choice for this look would be red or navy, which I why I didn't wear either. Aside from the fact that I've been neglecting my Converse, I wore them because they're the same color as the dress but subtly different because of the difference in tone.


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