Pretty in Pink

Spring semester has finally begun, and I can get back to getting dressed, and blogging new looks. Even though it's January, its unusually warm, and still raining in Tampa. But Mother Nature is emotionally unstable down here.

For this look, I decided to wear all pink. Looking back on my outfit choices, even though I like to mix masculine and feminine, I felt like I was favoring masculine elements over the feminine. So, I! (My favorite color).

The look is pretty simple, just a top and jeans, This, of course, bothered me. It needed more. Decorative flowers seem to be my go-to when I'm at an accessory road block. It can be difficult to come up with new ways to incorporate the flowers. This time was no different. Sometimes I wish that I could just toss the flowers up in the air and let them settle onto me like fairy dust. Instead, today I opted for a choker-like neck piece. I took some white ribbon, dollar store fabric flowers, felt, and got to work with my hot glue gun. I think the piece came together nicely. Without the neck piece, the look is very basic.

Even though Molly Ringwald was the girl famous for being Pretty in Pink, this floral accessory makes me feel very Carrie Bradshaw-esque.

TOP: Missguided
JEANS: JC Penney

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