Double Denim Dream Scene

Hey guys! Yesterday I posted part of my collab with blogger Ryan Alexandra for you all to get to know her and her style. Links to her style blog and Instagram are also included in the post.

In this post I just wanted to share more about how the collab went, as well as photos and details of my look. The collab took place on Sunday surrounded by downtown's tall brick walls and deserted streets, aka, a blogger's dream scene! We had parking lots, stoops, and the brick roads all to ourselves for hours. If it sounds like I'm in love, it's because I am! Being able to pose in such a public (and peaceful!) place without worrying if anyone's staring allowed the shoot to just flow and made for beautiful photos. Ryan Alexandra and her fancy camera skills had a lot to do with that as well.

Ryan Alexandra and I shared the same hurdles of finding our voice in such a packed blogging industry. Even though we're trying to accomplish similar goals, we are doing a couple things differently and we were able to share and learn from each other. I really can't praise her enough for reaching out to me to do this collab. I was secretly hoping for it to happen but I wasn't ready to ask. I'm beginning to realize the importance of networking and collaborations. I'm sure in the future I may get turned down, but I like to think that I'll have more positive experiences than not.

My outfit literally had me melting in the heat, but I take any opportunity to showcase my style. Even if I am a little dehydrated by the end. Doing a double denim look has been on my heart for so long! I wear the look casually, often. I bumped up the style this time by DIYing these patchwork jeans. The safety pins are a result of my laziness, but really add some great detail, if I do say so myself. I made sure to incorporate multiple prints and shades of denim to make the patchwork more exciting.

JEANS: Thrifted and altered
PATCHES: leftover scraps from previous projects

A LOT  more photos below!

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