Didn't You Know? It's Ryan Rose!

This post is a big deal for me. It's my first blogger collaboration, which I'm hoping is just the beginning of many collaborations with her again, and other bomb bloggers. This collaboration is all owed to Ryan Alexandra. She is also a student at the University of South Florida and a relatively new blogger at ItsRyanRose. If she hadn't reach out to me, this collab wouldn't have happened because I
don't think I would've been bold enough to approach her.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a tripod to take photos together but a post of my look for the collab will be up very soon. Until then, you can check it out on Ryan's blog

The vibe for this shoot was absolutely great. Being able to relate as students and also as up and coming bloggers was refreshing. I'd also just like to say, I'm beyond jealous of the fit of her crop top, and as a fellow thrifter myself, I can completely appreciate the detail of her $2 jeans! Now you guys can get to know Ryan Alexandra they way I got to know her this past weekend.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I would describe it as, "urban boho punk". It has punk rock elements to it as well as a laid-back city vibe.

Q: What's your one must have/closet essential?
A: I say bump the little black dress and get that perfect black leather moto jacket... Need it !!!
Q: How long have you been blogging, and why did you start?
A: I've been blogging since last semester. I've taken it more seriously since one of my classes this past spring semester required us to have a blog and post on it weekly for a grade. I mean I had started a blog about a year and a half ago, but I never took it seriously so I deleted it.
Q: Who/what influences your style the most?
A: What influences my style the most are modern, like super modern architecture and modern fashion.They influence about 78% of my style. The rest is urban outfitters, and Tumblr inspired things.
Q: What's your process when deciding what to wear?
A: To be honest I'll try on about 5 different pieces before I chose one... that's when I have no idea what I want to wear, buts that's rare for me. I usually know what I gonna wear. I won't get out of bed until I know for sure. I'll look on Tumblr or Instagram for inspo or sometimes I have dreams about my outfit lmao don't judge me.
Q: What kind of opportunities do you hope your blog will bring you in the future?
A: Oh man, I pray that my blog brings brand partnerships. Partnerships with magazines as a stylist and promoter. And maybe even my own styling/tips section in Nylon, my favorite magazine in the world.
Q: Who are your favorite bloggers?
A: My favorite blogs to follow are:, and 

Be sure to check out Ryan Alexandra's other looks on her blog: ItsRyanRose and follow her on Instagram @its_ryan_rose

More photos below!!

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