Hey guys! It's been two weeks since I've posted and I feel like that's a smidge too long! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am. Being able to just relax after my first year of college has been just, UGH-mazing! I feel so refueled. Even though I've been kicking back, I've also been productive. After catching up on rest and decompressing, relaxation can become boredom. Quickly. But boredom can get your creative wheels turning. I've had this DIY in the works since before my VOGUE outfit post. And this is the same technique I used for my FETCH jeans.

This DIY is stylish and easy to do! I recommend doing this on bottoms with a baggier fit, because of the size of the font. But, here we go!! I'm really, seriously excited to share this with you guys. This is for my creative readers, and also for my bored readers looking for something to do (which is all of us at one point or another). 

If you do attempt this DIY tag me on Instagram: @thegirlyoudidntnotice, or use the hashtag #tgydnDIY !


1. The pants of your choice
2. Template - Here are 3 options for you to choose from. Get them HERE!
3. White Acrylic Paint
4. Stencil Sheets
5. X-acto Knife
6. Paint Brush
7. Tape
8. Ruler
9. Pencil
10. Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer
11. Cardboard 
12. Plastic Bag
13. Gloves


STEP 1. Align and tape the pages of the word template.

STEP 2. Align and tape the top of the stencil sheet over the first three letters of the template.

STEP 3. On your stencil, use your ruler to draw guidelines along the top and bottom of the font.

STEP 4. On the middle letter of the word, mark the center (I boxed in the letter in order to do this). This will ensure that the word is centered on your pants once you start painting.

STEP 5. CAREFULLY cut out the first three letters. Make sure to apply pressure, and PACE YOURSELF!! X-acto knives can be tricky.

STEP 6. Peel the stencil off of the template. Now align the bottom on the stencil over the middle letter and the last two letters. (You won't have to cut out the middle letter again, but this helps with alignment when painting)

STEP 7. Repeat steps 3 and 4

STEP 8. Cut out the last two letters of the word. Your stencil should look like the one in the picture below. 

STEP 9. Place the cardboard in the pants and smooth out the fabric.

STEP 10. Use the center lines you marked on the middle letter (that would be the "G" if you're using the VOGUE template) to align the stencil with the middle seam of your pants.

STEP 11. Tape down the stencil to the pants, and begin painting the first three letters of the word. Hold down the stencil edges around the letters to ensure clean lines.

STEP 12. When finished, slowly peel off the stencil and let the paint dry. Once the paint has dried, re-position the stencil using the center markings on the bottom half of the stencil. Tape down the stencil and paint on the last two letters. 

*STEP 13. If you desire, you can paint on a second coat. Just be sure that each section dries before you paint the next section!

STEP 14. Once your paint is dry, go outside or in an open area. Place your pants, with the cardboard still inside, on a plastic bag that has been cut open. Hold down the stencil sheet so only the letters you painted are showing.

STEP 15. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN BEFORE YOU SPRAY. Holding the can about a foot above the pants, spray. I recommend spraying over the last two letter, so you stencil doesn't get in the way while you spray the first three letters of the word.

STEP 16. Let dry for 15 minutes, and spray again.

Once it's dry the second time, your pants are done!!

This is my first DIY post so any feedback is welcome and appreciated!! I hope there aren't too many steps and I hope that this DIY actually is easy to do. 

Thanks for trying out the DIY or even just reading. I hope you all have success! And remember, tag me on Instagram on photos of your results @thegirlyoudidntnotice or #tgydnDIY !!


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