Struggling to Simplify

Finally done with my first year of college! Summer has officially started. Usually I lay low during the summer, keep to myself, and look like an old lady hunched over with my hot glue gun DIY-ing as many projects as I can think of. But what's great about this summer is that I have my blog, which means I get to share my creativity with you all! And knowing that I have readers pushes me to create quality content on a consistent basis.

As excited as I've been about the available time I'll have this summer to commit to the blog, I must admit that there is something I'm struggling with. The reason why fall is my favorite season is because I feel that the styling possibilities with layering are infinite. The struggle that I'm finding with summer is showcasing my personal style with the mandatory simplicity that the heat of summer calls for. Layering of any kind, especially in Florida, is unforgivable. The heat will make you regret that styling choice, and quick. Instead of stepping up my style game with a blazer or jacket, I have to push the styler part of my brain to add elements to my outfits that keep me cool in this weather, and also make me feel like I'm best dressed in even just t-shirt and shorts. I felt like that is what was necessary for this look.

For this outfit, I overcame my struggle with simplicity with simple DIY's. I painted "FETCH" on my jeans (similar to my VOGUE shorts), as an ode to the classic film, Mean Girls. Clearly I'm team Gretchen Wiener, lol. I wanted the jeans to be the focal point of the look, so I kept my alterations simple: a few holes in my plain white tee, and safety pins to add an element of edge. The choker was a last minute DIY with things I literally scraped together with random things around my room. I love the outcome. I think that the subtleties collectively make the look complete.

Going in a new direction can be really challenging and frustrating, but there's always a way to put your style at the forefront. It may take more effort than usual but when you accomplish the goal of an amazing look despite the simplicity, you'll feel even better in that outfit than the outfits that come easily to you.


  1. Love your blog! Via FallenCupid

  2. I love it!! It's casual, sporty, edgy, yet chic. Nice balance for the summer.

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