How to Style: Spring/Summer Essentials 2015

I know that I promised you guys this follow up post over three weeks ago. I really wish I could have gotten to it sooner but the final weeks of the semester was more work than I thought I'd be able to manage. Anyway! The semester is over and I'm excited to have more time to blog and focus on bringing you guys more and better content.

Yes, so today is finally the day I have styling options from my previous Spring/Summer Essentials 2015 list. You can can refresh your memory of that post here. For each essential item, I created sets using the Polyvore app. Hopefully the visuals help you understand better the ideas I was going for (rather than just a bunch of words) and help you create your own looks with your Spring/Summer Essentials.


Even though it may not seem so, culottes are actually very versatile. To counter the structured pants, pair with a fitted crop top, but if you want to go for something a bit more unexpected, style your culottes with a structured top. The look will be clean cut and edgy.


I recommend a denim one piece: shirt dress, overalls, or jumper. This is a simple way to do the all-denim look, which is still a huge trend, and still be comfortable and so stylish. Rock a denim one piece with a visor to beat the heat, and an eye catching shoe.


Trainers go with literally, everything! Instead of playing down the sneakers, dress them up! Blazers and dresses pair well with trainers and give a playful vibe to an otherwise serious ensemble, which I personally think is one of the best routes to go with an outfit.


Since wearing black in the summer can be a death sentence (especially in Florida), wear an oversized sheer/mesh tee or tunic with a black bralette and running shorts or pants underneath for a sporty look. Showing some skin will keep you cool, and also, a sporty style keeps the look from being too sexy.


White lace is such a delicate and heavenly fabric. But of course, being me, I would pair white lace with something that adds contrast and a great element of edge. A black mini dress or black body suit underneath a white lace dress make a great pair.


These sandals are also easy to style. They're perfect for casual, simple, day looks like shirt dresses and overalls and shorts. Shirt dresses in particular are great in the summer. Add a drawstring or shoulder bag to complete the look, and you're good to go.


By now, I'm sure we all have gotten the hang of wearing crop tops. High waists and skinny jeans have been the go-to pairing for crop tops, but a great alternative would the more lose fitting mom jean for a 90's vibe, or bell-bottom jeans (which are actually making a comeback) to get in touch with you inner 70's diva.

These are just a few styling tips to help you jump start your creative styling process. What ever direction you chose to go in, I hope that your're comfortable and confident in your Spring/Summer Essentials. 

Thanks for reading! XOXO 

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