Spring/Summer Essentials 2015

Spring and summer are upon us, which normally means short hems, spaghetti straps and flip flop sandal sightings at every turn of the head. This year, wouldn't it be nice to switch it up from the norm? Here are 7 trends that are essential for this year's Spring and Summer wardrobe and that will keep you not only cool, but stylish as well. 


Culottes are wide leg pants of varied lengths: mid-thigh, mid-calf, or to the ankle. Some women may feel hesitation towards the trend because of the structured silhouette, especially since slim fit, skinny jeans and cut off shorts have been the summer norm for this past four years. However, culottes can be very flattering with the right waist fit. Culottes are perfect for spring/summer because they're effortless cool and wide legs that'll allow your skin to breathe in the heat. perfect with crop tops.

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Denim has never gone out of style. Year to year the silhouettes may change but denim itself is static. Denim is such effortless all-American cool, which is the theme of the seasons. So, this spring/summer invest in a great denim piece — jeans, a denim dress, overalls or a denim vest — that can stand alone, or act as a complimentary piece.

Get the look: Forever 21 has a really good denim shop, and options for chambray shirts and dresses


Trainer sneakers have been a major trend for the past year or so, to the e
xtent that couture brands like Chanel are designing their own styles of the shoe. So it's not a surprise that these are essential for the upcoming season. Trainers aren't season specific but for those who don't have a pair already, now is the perfect time to make the purchase. Trainers go perfect with absolutely everything! And there are enough styles that everyone can find a pair that unique to them.

Get the look: Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have the widest assortments of trainers, but if you're looking for more affordable pricing, check places like Charlotte Russe.


Black sheer and mesh clothing have showed up on designer runways. The see-through trends can be very sexy, or sporty, or a combinations of the too. During Spring and Summer, mesh can keep you cool, and allows for some skin to show without being too revealing.

Get the look: Charlotte RusseMissguided


White lace was a major featured trend at spring/summer fashion weeks. What makes white lace necessary this upcoming season is that's it's such a bright, refreshing color, and the lace pattern reflects the not-so-groundbreaking florals-in-the-spring trend, in a cool way. Especially when worn from head to toe, white lace will glow in the sun and can catch anyone's eyes.

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Personally, at the arrival of this trend I was on the fence. However, over the past few months as I've seen it more and more, the style has grown on me. These are the new flip flop, and I must say much more stylish. I'm currently obsessing over how comfortable they look, and the effortless style vibe that they give off. Whether you decide on the traditional flat, or flatform style, you can't go wrong. These also come in multiple patterns and styles to compliment any look.

Get the look: Go JaneForever 21


Last but not least: crop tops. Even after 3 years, the crop top trend is going very strong. The style is one of the seasons top, top essentials. Crop tops are very feminine and super adorable. Show off a little mid-riff or some shoulder to stay cool and cute. Remember: A girl can never have too many crop tops (especially when she lives in Florida) So, whether you already own a few, or don't have any at all, crop top purchases are always a good idea.

Get the look: Anywhere! (literally)

Hopefully you'll keep this post in mind when you do your shopping for this season. All of these pieces can incorporate well into any closet, so don't be afraid to try them out! Check back in next week when I'll have styling tips on how to wear each of these essential items.

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