I'm really excited to share these looks with you guys! I'm in love with these DIY shorts that I finally had time to making last week. They were inspired by Virgil Abloh's Off White brand jeans. I styled two looks for these shorts; one that is weather friendly and comfortable (since it seems that Florida has skipped Spring and dove right into summer), and a Rihanna inspired look that I've been planning to recreate for months now!


Like I said above, I really wanted a simple, functional look. Even a necklace felt like it'd be too much. I decided to wear all grey because I really wanted the "VOGUE" on the shorts to be the main focus. These shorts were one of my favorite projects, and showcasing them was my main priority. My shoe choice was meant to compliment the shorts, since they are covered in Vogue magazine issue covers. I love these shoes because they're comfortable and they give this look the color and detail it needs, without being overwhelming. Overall I love this look. It's very understated, but it was nice that the simplicity helped the outfit speak for itself.

SHIRT: Sears
SHOES: Gifted


I had such an overwhelming desire to recreate this look! After MONTHS, last week I finally got around to DIY's that were necessary for the look: the fuzzy shrug, and the shorts. It can't go unacknowledged, that Rihanna SHUT DOWN Paris Fashion week last February. She is my style spirit animal! Rihanna in a blazer, trousers, and wrapped in a fur shrug is the look I recreated (see it here) Hands down it is one of my favorites from her. I knew this was doable, but I didn't want to be a carbon copy. These VOGUE shorts were my way of making the look my own. I'm incredibly happy with how the look came together. Thanks for the inspiration Rih!!

BLAZER: Forever 21
SHOES: Forever 21

**If you guys would like a tutorial for these DIY shorts, let me know! I'd be happy to share it with you guys.**

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