The One Hit Wonder

I think everyone has at least one item in their closet that they love, but find difficult to style. Of course we love it, otherwise why did we buy it, but we also feel betrayed that something so cute can't be worn as often as we'd like. These shorts were my one hit wonder. I got one, maybe two dope looks with them, but then I hit a wall and they just sat in my closet untouched for months. I love them for their perfect fit and pretty color, but they go with almost nothing in my closet. Or so I thought. I wasn't thinking of all of the possibilities. My mind kept going to black or white tops to create a look, but that combination seemed too obvious and too easy, and that frustrated me. But out of frustration comes greatness! I laid the shorts out on my bed and paired it with every top in my closet. EVERY ONE. Even the ones that I normally don't think to wear with the shorts. And that's how I came up with this ensemble. I was attracted to the idea of staying in the same color family: pink, red and burgundy. I'm unexpectedly obsessing over this color palette. I used my trusty safety pins to incorporate the burgundy even more into this outfit with these decorative flowers. The resulting look took a lot of thinking but these shorts are no longer a one hit wonder.

SHORTS: Missguided

More photos below!


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