Back to School / Fall Wishlist

The Back to School season is my favorite time of year. Fall and pleasant weather are right around the corner, and back to school absolutely calls for a shopping spree to revamp your wardrobe. Each year I make a wishlist to incorporate the recent and upcoming fall styles, that I feel would be great additions to my personal style. From head to toe, these are the items and trends that I'm hardcore crushing on.


LACE UP - The lace up trend is one that I would love to get tangled up in. From shirts to dresses to shoes to down the front or down the sides, lace up fashion makes way for skin to peek through and adds great detail to a look without  having to put in extra effort.

BODYSUIT - Unless you are a dancer, or a newborn, chances are that bodysuits haven't been a staple in your wardrobe. But considering that these one pieces come in more colors than just dancer black, and baby pink, and too many styles to count, bodysuits can (and should) be incorporated into everyone's style for those casual blue jean days, or those dressy pencil skirt days.

GEOMETRIC / STRUCTURED - Even though geometric styles aren't fitted to the body, the crisp, straight lines have a way of catching the eye and drawing attention to your physique. With spaghetti straps or high hems, geometric dresses can be as feminine as any bodycon dress.

OFF THE SHOULDER / BARDOT - Off the shoulder tops are so feminine and allow for the ability to accessorize to your heart's content. This style some how combines the chill vibe of a top casually hanging off the shoulder, and at the same time, the red carpet sophistication of strapless dresses.


BELL BOTTOMS - For as long as skinny jeans have been the top denim choice, I didn't think I would ever be able to part ways with trend. However, through the slow transition from skinnies, this 70's style has become an attractive alternative that still clings to the hips but also add drama to your style.

BUTTON FRONT SKIRT - Whether mini, midi, or A-line, button front skirts are being sold by retailers like Forever 21 and Missguided, and being worn around the world by street stylers. Denim and suede are the most popular materials that I've noticed. This is a throwback style that I am absolutely on board with for casual but effortless cool looks.

CULOTTES - Yes, culottes were on my Spring/Summer Essentials list, but these pants can transitions well into the fall season. Just like geometric dresses, culottes have an interesting visual appeal, while keeping you casual or dressed up, but always comfortable.


SUEDE - This soft fabric, although on the heavy side, was a popular summer trend this year. The suede dresses, vests and fringe skirts that are the new arrivals at many retailers are very 70's diva. When layered, suede will add such a simple but detailed element to add texture and color to your fall style.

DENIM - Also on my Spring/Summer Essentials list, was denim. This timeless classic was another surprising summer favorite, despite the heat. Head-to-toe denim is still a vintage trend that I am happy to say is still going strong. And with the increased availability of denim jumpsuit and dresses, and possible combinations of multiple washes, the Canadian Tuxedo is easy to achieve.

LEATHER - Another forever cool, forever classic fabric. Take your pick of the countless leather styles from apparel to shoes to accessories, because the ways to incorporate leather into your wardrobe are truly endless.


CHOKERS - Chokers are currently my hands-down favorite accessory. The simplicity and subtlety of chokers can add just enough detail to make a casual outfit feel complete. And with the amount of different materials and styles, the possibilities are ENDLESSSSSS!

BUCKET BAG / BACKPACK - Both the bucket bag and mini backpack are useful and cute alternatives to handbags. Either small or full size, these bags can be worn stylishly as part of a look, without having any academic purpose. The amount of different materials and colors allow for these bags to be a grab-and-go statement piece.

METALLIC TATTOOS - Metallic tattoos took me a while to warm up to, but they actually have the same shine and effect as real jewelry. And they are much cheaper! Also unlike standard jewelry, metallic tattoos can go ANYWHERE on your body where you feel lacks accessories.


LACE UP SHOES - Like I mentioned earlier, the lace up trend can be worn from head to toe. The lace up trend can be found on sandals, pointed toe flats, or heels, and is very versatile.

FLAT MULES - My attraction to flat mules stems from my love of the mule shoe trend, and also my desire to be comfortable. Flat mules slide on like slippers but are wearable fashionably outside of the home with styles that resemble formal shoe styles like loafers.

BOOTS - Of course boots are the signature footwear for fall and winter seasons. This year's style don't vary much from last year's, aside from materials and heel thickness. Suede, leather and patent leather, along with thick heels, have a vintage vibe but are still very current.

Hopefully some of these items can be apart of you Back to School / Fall style, but of course with your own personal shine!

Thanks for reading!!! 

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