Christmas Wishlist 2015

Usually my wishlists are pretty long, but this Christmas there are only a few things that I really, REALLY want (besides clothes of course). Normally I'm very picky, which means I rarely get EXACTLY what I want. This year my list is short and, I think, very doable.

1. VOGUE + Fashion Magazine Subscriptions

 Any day I get my hands on a fashion magazine, I feel inspired. A subscription would actually help me study styling, writing and trends. AND I could fill the hours I already spend procrastinating, obsessing over looks and creating mood boards to my hearts content.

2. Rihanna + R8

Even though I would be forever indebted to anyone who actually got me RIHANNA for Christmas, I know that that's incredibly unrealistic. What I've really been wanting for the last year is #R8. I can't wait to finally hold the Anti album in my hands and hopefully be in her presence at the Anti Tour. So, Rih I'm waiting on you!

3. PUMA Creepers

Speaking of Queen Rih, the three new additions to the FENTY x PUMA creeper collection are also on my wishlist, especially the navy and white creepers. I've been wearing my oatmeal creepers almost everyday since I've gotten them, and one pair is no longer enough.

4. Velour Tracksuit

Call it an obsession, and I'll agree. I've had velour tracksuits on my mind for the past month. Not only will it be a great add to my closet but it would also be nostalgic. I specifically want a baby pink tracksuit like the one I had in second grade that I wore every Friday. I've never gotten over that I outgrew that tracksuit.

That's my wishlist! I'm hoping to get these gifts one way or another this Christmas...even if I have to wrap them and gift them to myself.


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