The Tortoise and the Hare

With each new year comes New Year's Resolutions and the idea that changes need to me made abruptly; to do this, that and the other, all as soon as the clock strikes twelve on January 1st. For the last couple of year I refused to make New Year's resolutions because I always became discouraged when the changes I wanted to make didn't come as quickly or easily as I thought they would. This year I thought the more effective way to go about my resolution would be to make it realistic and doable. In 2016 I'm not going to race to my goals or expect to see results over night. I'm not going to focus on the race that other people are running and compare where I am to where they are. What I'm doing is individual and should have nothing to do with how quickly some one else did the same thing. I'll take my time to perfect what I'm doing and make it something genuine that I can be proud of. So on days when it feels like I'm behind in the race, I have to remember that in the old story, the tortoise beat the hare.

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All photos by Christine Cazeau

P.S. I was trying to be like Zendaya in this picture above, lol. 

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